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Affordable Editing for Passion Projects

 Are you a multi-potentialite, risk-taking entrepreneur on a wild ride of shifting interests because life’s too short to be confined to the monotony of chewing cud with the herd when there are greener pastures just waiting for discovery?

Then you’re in the right place.

Here, I cater to the risk-takers, the idea-bouncers, and the unconventional minds who aren’t quite ready to commit to a “brand” but prefer to grow their alfalfa in all the pastures.

But paying top dollar isn’t realistic when you’re in experiment-mode. That’s why I keep my rates project-based and within a reasonable range. 

About This Cow

I’m Becky, the creative behind Spunky Cow, and I’m here to rework your web copy and blog articles until the words moo-ve off the page with the fearlessness of an adventurous teenager on a cow-tipping dare.

My creative background includes writing and editing web copy and blogs; writing poetry and short stories; doing improv comedy; and creating digital art.

Ready for the editing power of bovine brilliance?

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